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Remarks By The Executive Director Of UCC at The Launch Of Smile Communications' 4g LTE Broadband Network and Services

Thursday, 6th June 2013 |

Our Guest of  Honour - the Minister for Information and Communications Technology,
The Permanent  Secretary/MoICT,
The CEO,  management and staff of Smile Communications Networks Ltd
Invited guests
Ladies and  Gentlemen

I feel privileged  to attend this ceremony when Smile Communications Networks Ltd is launching its  4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) broadband services. 

Ladies and  Gentlemen, allow me to congratulate Smile Communications Networks Ltd for this  great milestone and to thank them for this key innovation.  This development indeed demystifies the  notion that Internet is a preserve of the middle class. 

Smile Communications  Uganda Limited, a local registered telecommunications company holds both Public  Service Provider (PSP) and Public Infrastructure Provider (PIP) licences issued  on 3rd July 2008. Smile began network roll-out immediately and  launched commercial services in 2009.

In 2011, Smile  Communications applied for extra spectrum and begun rolling out a Long Term  Evaluation (LTE) network in the 800MHz band in Kampala. Smile Communications  has installed infrastructure based on  international standards through which it is currently  providing internet access services in Kampala over the LTE network.

Smile  Communications radio network equipments and end user device for LTE network  have been type approved and certified for use in Uganda. Thus Smile Communications  complies with the requirement of always Type Approving their equipment.

As you may be  aware, LTE is a wireless broadband technology  designed to support roaming Internet access via cell phones and handheld  devices. Because LTE offers significant improvements over older cellular  communication standards, some refer to it as a 4G (fourth generation)  technology along with WiMax.

LTE can theoretically support downloads at 300 Megabits per  second (Mbps) or more based on experimental trials. Internationally, the trend has moved from looking at universal access  and service in terms of voice telephony and has shifted to a data-centric  approach or triple play (voice, data and video) with everything going e- and  growth in significance of the Internet as well as other developments such as  cloud computing. 

Therefore, as a  regulator of the communications sector in Uganda, UCC gladly welcomes this  development because it will enable universal access to  the internet services like we have done with voice telephony service. 

However,  we at UCC believe that the deployment and use of LTE and other emerging  technologies should be affordable and accessible.

UCC is optimistic  that Smile Communications Networks Ltd and other telecom service providers will  continue in this direction of availing low-cost devices of high quality to our  people.  We call on other industry players  to emulate Smile Communications Networks Ltd in driving innovation suited to  the people of Uganda.

Thank you for  your attention.

Mr Godfrey Mutabazi
Executive Director
June 6, 2013