Postal Service Regulation

Postal services are part and parcel of communications services in Uganda just like elsewhere in the world. They are therefore included in the Commission's mandate to license, monitor, inspect, regulate and ensure general improvement and equitable distribution of communications services in the country; in accordance with the provisions of the Uganda Communications Act of 1997. Hence this Act requires all operators in the Ugandan postal sub-sector to obtain an Operator's Licence issued by the Commission.

Size, Composition, and Coverage

The Ugandan postal sub-sector comprises one Major Operator and twenty five(25) Courier firms licenced as Minor Operators. The latter category includes Bus and other Transporters engaged in the conveyance and distribution of documents and parcels.

The Universal Service Obligation

The Major Operator's licence carries the obligation to offer a universal postal service in the country. This implies the supply to all citizens of Uganda, of quality basic postal services, at affordable prices. These include both the reserved and postal remittance services.

UCC is in the process of developing appropriate programs, including the Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF), aimed at carrying out the Universal Service Obligation.

Government Policy on Postal Services

In addition to the existing Communication (Postal Service) Regulations 2005, the process by the Government of issuing a National Postal Policy is already at an advanced stage. Both documents are intended to guide all the players in the postal sub-sector.

Service Standards

As a step towards the realisation of the Universal Service Obligation, the Commission has developed minimum postal service standards expected from the National Postal Operator. These are periodically reviewed in accordance with the Major Operator's Licence issued to Uganda Post Ltd (UPL).

Mail is normally delivered into the addressee's private Post Office Box rented at a Post Office; and the current mail delivery targets set for UPL are as follows:-

Service Standards

Mail Posted Before Noon Expected Delivery Time (i.e. No. of hrs after time of posting)
For delivery within the same Head Post Office area 12
For delivery from a Head Post Office to all Departmental Post Offices within the same postal region 12
 For delivery between a Departmental Post Office (DPO) and a Postal Agency in the same DPO area 24
 Delivery between the Kampala GPO and any other Head Post Office 8
 International mailSame as local after clearance from the international port of entry (e.g. Airport)