Advertising and Mis-selling


In addition to our role in tariff regulation, the UCC has a duty to further the interest of communications service consumers by establishing regulatory instruments that protect them from mis selling of communications services.

Mis selling of communication services may take the form of;

  1. Non disclosure of information deemed central to the purchase decision
  2. Price understatements

Mis selling results into diminished customer experience, financial loss and as well undermine industry wide confidence. In the absence of a national advertising code of practice, the Commission, in consultation with the communications industry, broadcasters, consumer associations and thought-leaders in the a code of advertising practice for communication services. The code sets standards pertaining to issues like;

  • Honesty and truthfulness
  • The use of price comparisons and quality comparisons in advertising campaigns
  • The use of hyperbole and puffery in advertising communications
  • Use of words like "new" and "free" in advertising campaigns
  • Disparagement of competing products
  • The use of testimonials
  • Protection of consumer privacy in advertising campaigns

In addition the Commission also responds to "Frequently Asked Questions" on emerging product themes and campaigns. Below is the list of recent product comparisons and service FAQs published by the Commission;

  1. Comparative Domestic Courier Rates and FAQs – August 2011
  2. Mobile Broad band FAQs and comparative rates – July 2012
  3. Telephone Promotion FAQs – Nov 2012