About Economic Regulation

Economic Regulation is broadly defines as the imposition of rules and penalties by governments specifically to modify the economic behaviour of industries - W.T Stanbury

The Communications Act mandates the UCC to execute this role in the Communications sector through various functions stipulated in the Communications Act. The functions include;

  • The establishment of a tariff system to promote consumer well being and fair competition
  • the promotion of competition
  • the regulation of interconnection and access systems
  • the licensing, monitoring and regulation of communication services
  • Promotion of equitable access to communications services
  • Provision of policy advice to the minister responsible for communications

The Commission executes the said functions through a specialist unit, the Economic Regulation Unit, in the Department of Competition & Consumer Affairs. The unit leads the Commission in all economic and commercial practices in the execution of its mandate. Specifically, the Unit is responsible for;

  • Interconnection Regulation
  • Tariff Regulation (should include advertising and miss selling services)
  • Industry and Market Performance Reviews
  • Market Definition and Market Power Assessments for Competition Regulation
  • Business and Economic appraisal of licensing frameworks and applications
  • Assessment of Mergers, Acquisitions and License transfers