Call for Proposals

The Uganda Communications Act, 2013 under section 5(1)(c) requires Uganda Communications Commission to allocate, license, standardise and manage the use of the radio frequency spectrum resources in a manner that ensures widest variety of programming and optimal utilisation of spectrum resources.

The spectrum demand for FM (frequency modulation) broadcasting services in Uganda has far outstripped the existing supply. Technology developments in the industry present Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) as a potent alternative to remedy this situation. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has itself already earmarked 174 – 230 MHz band III for Digital Broadcasting services, as part of the GE06 Agreement thus paving the way for its implementation across the world.

In this respect, UCC now invites collaborative research proposals from academia to undertake preliminary studies on the "Introduction ofDigital Audio Broadcastingin Uganda".

Objectives of the Study
The main objective of the study is to conduct an assessment of the feasibility and readiness of Uganda for DAB. This will cover the following:

  • The policy, legal and regulatory pre-requisites to facilitate the transition from analogue to digital audio broadcasting networks within the context of delivering the best value to the country and the most choice for consumers while delivering sustainable economic growth of the sector.
  • The network infrastructure and other technical pre-requisites for the introduction of DAB in Uganda.
  • The market readiness and structure required including business development, the investment incentives and other support measures necessary to achieve successful migration
  • Interventions required to ensure achievement of universal access without creating marginalisation of persons in the society and protection of consumers from exploitation.
  • A review of the various approaches taken in other countries for the implementation of DAB

Eligibility, Duration and Funding Limit
Participation shall be open to Ugandan citizens that are academic staff and graduate students at a University registered in Uganda. The principal investigator MUST however be an academic staff with a continuing appointment for at least 2 years.

The maximum duration for the assignment is 12 weeks.

The maximum amount of funding to be awarded will be UGX 25M. However, supplementary non-financial facilitation such as in kind contributions for other requirements associated with the research project may be considered.

Selection Criteria
The following criteria will be used to evaluate the submitted proposals:

  1. Clarity of the Proposal:Are the objectives of the study clearly articulated?
  2. Content Relevance:Do the specific objectives proposed cover the required scope? To what extent does the proposal promise to advance knowledge and understanding of the study topic?
  3. Sound research methodology:To what extent will the proposed methodology yield the desired results. Is there sufficient access to all required resources
  4. Budget estimation & work plan:How reasonable is the budget & work plan proposed for the study activities?
  5. Skills and Competencies:Is the proposed team well suited to carry out the proposed tasks?


Submission of Applications – Deadline extended

Applicants are required to submit a detailed Research Proposal by 5.00 PM on Friday 15th May 2015. The Proposal should clearly outline the proposed approach to the assignment, specific research questions to be studied, proposed activities, required resources, work plan and the collaborative role proposed for UCC.

Successful applicants will be notified by 29th May 2015.

The Following Information should be provided within the proposal

Section 1: Researcher Profile Information and Contacts
Principal Researcher
Team Members

Section 2: Detailed Information on the study

  • Title of the Research Study
  • An Abstract of the proposed study and outcomes
  • Detailed Description of Research Proposal
  • Background
  • Research problem
  • Specific objectives and research questions
  • Scope of the work
  • Methodology
  • Data Sources
  • Support required from UCC
  • Budget
  • Data Collection
  • Equipment
  • Dissemination
  • Timeline/Work plan

Submissions may be emailed to as PDF documents or physically delivered to:

Executive Director
Uganda Communications Commission
UCC House,
Plot 42-44, Spring Road, Bugolobi
P O Box 7376, Kampala
Toll-free: 0800 133 911
Tel.: 0312 339 000
0414 339 000
Fax: 0414 348 832
Twitter: UCC_Official
Facebook: Uganda Communications Commission

Regional Offices:

Gulu Office:
Plot 15, Onono Road, Senior Quarters

Masindi Office:
Plot 8, Ntuha Road,

Mbale Office:
Plot 39, Public Street

Mbarara Office:
Plot 2, Upper Circular Road

Terms and Conditions of the Research Support Program

  1. The funding under this program shall cover only research expenses that are directly associated with the research project. Fees, salaries and other such remuneration will not be eligible for consideration. Applicants shall be required to sign a grant agreement that shall guide the disbursement of funds.
  2. UCC reserves the right to cancel the Research Support awarded if deemed necessary or abused, and/or due to circumstances that may arise outside of its control.
  3. Any form of lobbying by applicants or their team members shall lead to the express disqualification of that particular application.
  4. The Commission reserves the right to appropriately publicize any information submitted; however, due regard shall be given to any information that warrants utmost confidentiality or where intellectual property rights accrue.