UCC Special Project

This scheme seeks to accelerate research in areas of specific interest to UCC while leveraging the knowledge, facilities and/or skills of academia. In this respect, UCC will collaborate with academia to undertake particular projects of interest.

Participation shall be open to both academic staff and graduate students. The principal investigator must however be an academic staff with a continuing appointment in a university in Uganda.

Interested persons shall be required to submit an application to UCC in response to a call. Applications shall then be evaluated competitively based for research excellence and innovation taking into consideration the following:

  • Responsiveness of the proposal to the UCC problem statement how well the project meets the program objectives and demonstration of the delivery to produce high quality outputs
  • How coherent the work plan proposed is and demonstrates a high probability of successfully achieving the objectives of the research in the proposed time frame.
  • Quality of the research team to deliver the proposed research outputs. The team must be suitably skilled or networked to address all the defined objectives competently and to complete the project successfully with opportunity to graduate students to obtain essential technical skills required in the industry and interdisciplinary training. This consideration shall include the research track record of each team member.
  • The appropriateness of the overall budget in light of the research activity.

Terms of Funding
The maximum funding to an applicant in this stream shall be capped at USD 15,000. However, supplementary non-financial facilitation such as in kind contributions for other requirements associated with the research project shall be considered.

The funding under this scheme shall cover only research expenses that are directly associated with the research project. Fees, salaries and other such remuneration will not be eligible for consideration.