Research by Academia for Industry

This will be awarded to encourage the private sector to leverage the knowledge and resources of universities by engaging students from local universities to undertake proprietary ICT related research on a specific company problem including innovations in new products, services and processes.

An application under this scheme shall be made by the student that shall conduct such project. The student must be a Ugandan citizen and currently enrolled in a university in Uganda in a communications related degree program.

Application requirements
Interested persons shall be expected to submit an application following a call for applications issued by UCC. The application shall be made using the specified form.

The application shall be accompanied by an endorsement by an academic staff member to confirm supervision and endorsement by a co-supervisor from the industrial partner. The academic staff member must be with a continuing appointment in the respective university department/school (or equivalent)at which the applicant is undertaking studies while the industrial partner (and beneficiary of the research) must be a private company incorporated in Uganda under the Companies Act and engaging in commercial activities in Uganda.

Terms of Funding
Funds under this scheme shall cover only the applicant's direct costs associated with the research activities needed to address the identified problem.

The maximum funding to an applicant in this stream shall be capped initially at USD 4,000.