Collaborative Research between Universities

This will be awarded to enable joint research among multiple academic institutes thus bringing together different and complementary perspectives, knowledge, experience, and skills towards the generation of innovative approaches to solving existing challenges, sharing and exchanging resources as well as developing innovative products, processes and services.

This scheme will provide seed funding towards the direct costs of collaborative research initiatives that involve research participants (academic staff members and/or students) drawn from three or more universities in Uganda. Applications of interdisciplinary collaboration are strongly encouraged. The principal investigator must, however, be an academic staff with a continuing appointment in a university in Uganda.

Application requirements
Interested persons shall be expected to submit an application following a call for applications issued by UCC. The application shall be made using the specified form.

The application form submitted in response to the call under the scheme must be signed by the lead applicant's (the principal investigator's) head of department/school (or equivalent) to confirm:

  • support for the application;
  • the applicant's status within the university, and
  • that the applicant will have access to such resources, equipment, facilities, etc. as may be required to undertake the proposed research

An endorsement by the heads of department/school (or equivalent) of other universities participating in the consortium should also be obtained.

Applications received shall be competitively evaluated with due consideration of the following:

  • Is the research of high academic quality, addresses a key societal challenge in Uganda using ICTs and is therefore likely to have significant impact on the development of the communication sector or of Uganda and is interdisciplinary?
  • Does the project have access to or provide a plan for attracting sufficient resources for completion beyond the seed funding provided by UCC?
  • Does the research team presented comprise of members from different universities and from across a range of relevant disciplines?

Terms of Funding
Eligible costs will be those directly incurred on project activities including acquisition of research facilities or equipment relevant necessary for the research at hand. The scheme will not cover salaries or salary supplementation, course fees and bench fees.

The maximum funding to an application in this stream shall be capped initially at USD 12,000.