Postgraduate Research Support

This will be awarded to post graduate level researchers in order to facilitate a pipeline of future researchers, aid the enrichment of the ICT workforce of Ugandans as well as to enable their contribution to the sustainable development of Uganda's economy and the social well being of its people. Partial funding shall thus be awarded to support outstanding graduate students pursuing masters or doctoral degrees in Communications related fields for the conduct of a new research activity or to enhance an existing activity.

The applicant must be a Ugandan citizen and currently enrolled in a university in Uganda in a communications related degree program.

Application requirements
Interested persons shall be expected to submit an application following a call for applications issued by UCC. The application shall be made using the specified forms.

The application must be accompanied by an appraisal from a primary advisor in form of a confidential letter of recommendation addressing the applicant's merit and performance in the program, the significance of the project, and the project's relationship to the applicant's thesis/dissertation topic.

Applications received shall be competitively evaluated based on the quality of proposal. Only proposals that meet any one of the following shall be considered:

  • The research is of relevance and importance to the development of the communications industry and likely either to add significantly to the body of knowledge or have a positive influence on the development of the communication sector in Uganda.
  • The research is addressing issues of national or local significance to the achievement of communications for all, with outcomes likely to yield significant benefit to Ugandan communities.
  • The research helps develop new or extends existing communication technologies, services and/or applications to address local challenges that exist in Uganda.

Terms of Funding
The funds provided under this scheme shall be used only for research expenses that are directly associated with the research project, including but not limited to:

  • Equipment and tools
  • materials
  • Travel costs

However, costs such as fees, salaries and other remuneration will not be eligible.

The maximum funding to a successful application in this scheme shall be capped at USD 5,000 for one year. Consideration will be made for continued funding in the subsequent year(s) based on performance of the applicant under the funded period.