Undergraduate Research Support

This will be awarded to facilitate quality and depth of research undertaken by undergraduate students. Consideration will be limited to research by students, related to their degree, and supervised by a faculty member either through a regular course, an independent study, or other academic project.

The lead applicant must be a Ugandan citizen, currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at a university in Uganda and must be registered as such during the period in which the research will be conducted. They must also be in good academic standing.

Application requirements
Interested persons shall be expected to submit an application following a call for applications issued by UCC. The application shall be made using the specified forms.

The application shall be accompanied by an endorsement by an academic staff member to confirm supervision. The academic staff member must have a continuing appointment in the respective university department/school (or equivalent) at which the respective applicants are undertaking their studies.

Applications received shall be competitively evaluated based on the quality of proposal. Priority will be given to:

  • projects that are academically strong and will provide sound learning outcomes, relevant to the UCC research agenda for the sector;
  • projects that are realistic, with credible timelines, resource requirements, and goals;
  • Third and fourth year students with good academic standing.

Terms of Funding
The funds under this scheme shall be used only for direct expenses related to the conduct of the research including tools, materials, and travel. They may be used to facilitate participation in conferences to present research outputs upon approval of UCC.
Requests for stipends/salaries for students will not be considered.

The maximum funding to a successful application in this stream shall be capped initially at USD 1,500.