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Thursday, 22nd October 2015

Every invention begins its life as a dream. A simple notion that takes shape and eventually becomes a formidable force that the world cannot ignore. All around us, science and technology has changed the world from the way we live, to the way we do things. In the past, computer programmes were such a complex thing written by highly educated people and today, children are writing code and applications. Young minds are coming up with easy applications on how to test for breast cancer, inventing drones, applications on how farmers can track their livestock to mention but a few.

It is clear that ICTs are a key component of the overarching science, technology and innovation portfolio that is driving change and more importantly growth. ICTs have become recognized as essential ingredients for any society towards experiencing sustainable economic growth and development.
The ever changing face of technology has given favorable rise to a new people; Digital Native and with them, an elite group of innovators that want to change the status quo and come up with unique solutions to Ugandan problems.

The Uganda Communications Commission recognized that Uganda was at the precipice of technological change and in 2010 introduced the ACIA Awards. The ACIA Awards is an initiative that fosters innovation through the recognition and reward of outstanding ICT innovations. ACIA provides a platform upon which outstanding ICT innovations can be showcased and propelled to further success.

The ACIA Awards will in 2016 recognize winners in six (6) major categories;

  • Young ICT innovators
  • Business Excellence
  • Service Excellence
  • ICT for Development
  • Digital Content
  • 2016 Special Award

We are now accepting your entries at acia.ug
Welcome to ACIA 2016
ICT innovation for National Development